Green Pasture Inn opened in December of 2013. Our newly renovated facility provides a peaceful environment for our guests to enjoy their stay in Phnom Penh. With 12 rooms throughout 4 bungalows, we have space to accommodate both the individual traveler and groups. When booking your reservation, you have the option to rent out a bungalow with 3 bedrooms and meeting space, making it the perfect place for group lodging.

Our business is a product of a vision larger than any guesthouse. It aims to create jobs for the young people of Cambodia while also giving a percentage of its profits to support local NGOs. As young Khmer people face issues such as poverty, sex trafficking, and poor access to education and employment, we at Green Pasture Inn seek to help. We give 40% of our profits to support two Christian NGOs in Cambodia, Kone Kmeng and Precious Women.

Kone Kmeng invests in the local church network to respond to the needs of at-risk children across Cambodia. Through programs such as free education, clean water initiatives, family economic improvement, and more, Kone Kmeng is able to meet the immediate needs of children around the country as well as invest in their future livelihood. Their work lowers the vulnerabilities often faced by the children of Cambodia and prevents them from becoming victims of injustice.

Precious Women empowers women to improve their lives by working in an environment free from sexual and economic exploitation. Through careful counseling, relationships are built with exploited women. Once relationships are made, they offer access to education, skills-training, and employment. With several business and outreach initiatives, they have seen many women step out of exploitation and into empowerment.

Thank you for your interest in Green Pasture Inn. As you spend your time here, you are helping provide a positive work opportunity for our staff, as well as supporting many other community development projects throughout Cambodia. We appreciate your business and look forward to hosting you during your upcoming trip.